Difficult Conversations Training


Mentor Training Consulting Services (MTCS) offers training to those in the community who mentor children and adolescents formally and informally. The primary goal of MTCS is to help those who are investing in children and adolescents to manage, navigate, and guide these individuals through difficult conversations in the moment.

Why do I/we need these services?

Have you ever been in a situation with a child or adolescent and didn’t know how to respond, react, or offer guidance in a helping manner? Maybe it has been:

  • A child whom you are coaching on a soccer team approaches you to disclose that her older sibling has been sexually abusing her regularly.
  • An adolescent whom you have been mentoring for a few years tells you that he has been trying substances with friends and family members and is unsure what to make of it.
  • An adolescent whom you have been helping with homework as part of an after-school program talks to you about her depression and passing thoughts of suicide.
  • An adolescent whom you lead in a troop/small group discloses that he has been hopping between friends’ houses and living out of his tent and backpack because mom and dad are violent and don’t want him in the house anymore.

These services will help you to develop communication tools to be able to handle these or similar scenarios. No adult wants to be helpless when a child is feeling hopeless.

Group Trainings

The MTCS program consists of group and individual trainings. Some group trainings are open to the community, and others are organized through community organizations. The training sessions are meant to equip you with skills to be able to handle difficult topics and conversations. Through instruction, practice, and discussion you will learn how to help those you are mentoring when they are in the most need of your presence and guidance.

Individual Consultation

Individual consultation will be available after the initial 6 group sessions. The individual sessions are meant for practice, refreshers, or consultation on specific current scenarios. Not all will be able to use the skills immediately, so knowing that assistance is available can help.

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