The Counselor

I’m currently a graduate student and am the active student representative in the MS in Counseling program at Prescott College. My primary focuses are on children and adolescent psychotherapy with interests in play and art therapies.

I’m also currently a clinical intern at a therapeutic children’s home and a residential counselor at a therapeutic boarding school for adolescents.

Mentoring and serving is a key part of my life. I’ve been a Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America since 2004, and continue to involve myself in other organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs. My intent with my counseling background is to eventually be able to train mentors to effectively have difficult conversations with their child and adolescent mentees.

The Creative

I’m no longer a Front-End & UX Designer & Developer. I still make things look and function beautifully, but only for my personal marketing purposes or fun.

At all of the places I have worked, I have proven to be a very rapid learner; integrating into their system of work, and learning new languages or tools to make myself an even more valuable resource.

My creative talents have overflowed into my engagements with clients in the current realm of a counselor. Not every client is the same, so the approach will be different and require creative effort in order to help them work therapeutically. Some clients can handle talk therapy, but others may need to play, garden, or create as a means of helping them approach and process difficult topics.

Outdoor Leadership

Outside of the office, I lead backcountry adventure activities. The activities I lead are purely to know and interact with the people I am leading. Climbing, caving, mountain biking, kayaking, and rafting are the activities, but people are the reason.

I have certifications in CPR, AED, and WFR. I also have experience in mentoring, student and young adult ministries. If you’re interested in this portion of my life, ask or wait for that portion of the website to develop.


I’m a people person, who comes from a foundation of hard work. I’m #3 of 4 boys spanning 5¼ years. During the summer, we worked in the garden and in the yard. During the winter, we spent days digging out our driveway from snowstorms. I am also an uncle of three; two girls and one boy, one from each brother.